New F+S CEU: Digital Art in Architectural Projects

Created on: Friday, October 23 2015 | Comments

We’ve teamed up with Architectural Record again to deliver an exciting continuing education course on the topic of “Digital Art in Architectural Projects.”

Architects and designers have many options for specifying architectural surfaces in their projects. Architectural glass with digital imagery - especially photography - has long been a favored choice, but the size limitations of most readily available digital photos have made this option less than stellar.

Now, large-scale photos created with the advanced technology of gigapixel cameras and rigs can be used to produce digital photographs of a size and resolution that are almost beyond imagining.

Our latest course offers a look at this new solution: gigapixel photography, what it means, how it is achieved, and how it is best used.

Learn at your own pace—the course includes an online slideshow of educational content that you can speed up, slow down, or stop to finish later. Successfully complete the test questions to earn 1 credit toward your annual AIA continuing education requirement.

To take the course today, visit the Continuing Education section of the F+S website.